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Manuals and Documentation

I own a few manuals but not that many. I have scanned the ones I have and I'm placing the scans in the public domain. For everything else I've tried to find scans that are free on the internet. If you want a manual and you can't find it, you'll need to try one of the pay sites listed at the end.

PDF iconManuals I've scanned are in PDF format. Offsite manuals may be in other formats.

I have a few items listed which have no link. That means I plan to add it shortly but it's not yet available. Feel free to contact me and ask for it.

Scanned by or Provided Directly to Me (on-site)

Right click on the link and choose "Save Target As..." (or whatever your browser says). If you just click on it, it may try to open.


Movie Cameras (Ciné) and Projectors

Light Meters

Exposure meters have been moved to this location.

Enlargers and Darkroom Equipment

Darkroom and Equipment manuals

Flash (Strobes) and Everything Else


Sources for Manuals and Documentation

These sites have scans of manuals for free

These sites charge for manuals (originals or reprints)

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