James's Light Meter Collection: Soligor Auto
Soligor Auto exposure meter click for manual
Maker: Soligor
Model: Auto
Circa: 1968
Price (new): $9.95
Cell type: Selenium
Measure type: reflectance

Soligor meters (1965)Allied Import & Export (shortened to Allied Impex) is remembered among photographers for two major things: one is (allegedly) ruining Miranda, and the other is creating a German subsidiary named Soligor, which became their brand for various imported equipment of good-to-excellent accessories.

This particular meter was made in Japan and shows up under various badges: Capital, Itzuki Stitz, Allied Impex and Soligor. As far as I know the only difference is the name. I also have a Stitz and it is the same meter.

This is a bit unusual for a selenium cell: there's a button on it and when you press it, the dial in the meter spins and gives you a reading. Why that, rather than just having a live needle like everyone else, is a mystery to me. You'd think it was a needle lock, except that the dial floats pretty freely when the button isn't pressed.

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