James's Light Meter Collection: Sekonic L-248 Multi-Lumi
Sekonic L-248 Multi-Lumi Japanclick for instruction manual
Maker: Sekonic
Model: L-248 "Multi-Lumi"
Circa: 1978
Price (new): $60.00
Cell type: CdS
Measure type: Reflecting/Averaging or Incident
Battery (orig): One 1.35V Mercury (PX-13)

This one is larger that it may appear. In the late 50s and 60s, a premium was put on shrinking meters down as small as they could possibly go. By the 70s they seem to have bulked up again. This one seems to me to be large and heavy because they wanted it to be, not because it needed to be.

Functionally it's not much different than an L-98—it's a simple CdS meter with a sliding incident cover for the cell. There are two ranges and it flips between them via a slide-switch in the upper left. The only difference is that this one has a light-level scale instead of match-needle reading on a blank face.

This one seems to me to be another (like the General Electric PR-1) which was designed to be used left-handed. It can obviously be used right handed, but if you hold it in your left, it sits in the palm of your hand, your thumb naturally rests on the scale switch and your index finger at the ON/OFF button, and you can drop your thumb and index (or middle finger) down to turn the calculator dial. Great for lefties, or if you're right-handed, you can use this while you're holding your camera or adjusting a light with your right hand.

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