James's Light Meter Collection: Itzuki Stitz Auto (TK-62)
Itzuki Stitz Auto TK-62 exposure meter click for manual
Maker: Itzuki Stitz
Model: Auto (TK-62)
Circa: 1968
Price (new): $9.95
Cell type: Selenium
Measure type: reflectance

I shouldn't give this turkey its own webpage, but I'm going to do it just in case someone searches for it. This particular meter was made in Japan and shows up under various badges: Capital, Stitz, Universa, Allied Impex and Soligor. I also have the Soligor version of this thing. The only difference is the badging. If you click on the PDF icon above for the instructions, look for the Soligor manual.

This is a bit unusual for a selenium cell: there's a button on it and when you press it, the dial in the meter spins and gives you a reading. Why that, rather than just having a live needle like everyone else, is a mystery to me. You'd think it was a needle lock, except that the dial floats pretty freely when the button isn't pressed.

How to use it: set the film speed by aligning the notch on the outer edge of the black ring with the black hash mark on the film speed band below (bottom of meter). Then aim the meter, push the button, and once the meter settles down you should be able to read the film speed combinations (upper bands on the dial) or the EV level (lower band).

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