James's Light Meter Collection: Kalimar Clip-on
Kalimar Clip-On Japan
Maker: Kalimar
Model: Clip-on
Circa: 1960s
Cell type: CdS
Measure type: Reflecting/Averaging. Incident readings with attachment.

In the early to mid-60s, many cameras still had no on-board metering, so camera companies began selling meters that could clip onto the accessory shoe. This is an example.

Kalimar was an importer who bought products from around the world and branded them with the Kalimar name. This one is Japanese, but I don't know who the original manufacturer is (possibly Capital).

I'll take a better photo after I clean it up, but right now it's fitting because the meter needs help. A previous owner left a battery in it and it leaked, and I had a terrible time opening up the compartment to dig it out. This thing's seen better days.

Simple match-needle operation and a mercury-battery powered CdS cell. There's a little cap for the cell and it dangles from a chain hooked to the side of the case. I believe it's for incident readings.

If you want to see what's under the hood, take a look at my disassembly notes.

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