James's Light Meter Collection: Bernhard Deltschaft Collux III
Barnhard Deltschaft Collux III color temperature meter
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Maker: Bernhard Deltschaft
Model: Collux III
Circa: 1962
Cell type: Selenium
Measure type: Two Color-Temperature and 2D incident

This isn't a meter--it's a weapon. I made the photo here large to give a sense of scale: it's as large (or larger) than an old strobe light. The handle here is about the size of a big bicycle handlebar grip. The body is metal (probably aluminum. It's non-ferris). There's a great big, diffused selenium cell on one side and a meter face on the other. There's a hinge on top so you can swing the cell around to catch your light source and still read the meter comfortably.

There are actually two separate meters here: a color temp on top and a footcandle meter below. You aim it at your light source and crank the ring around the cell face until the color temp meter nulls out between red and blue. You read the number on the dial and then look it up on a table which translates it into degrees Kelvin. Then you can pop in the proper filter to balance the light to your film. You can translate the footcandles into a general exposure setting.

These appear to be individually serialized and calibrated, so this was a serious instrument when it was new.

This one still works, though I haven't checked it for accuracy.

Mine came in a box with accessories, which includes a sunshade and a filter holder so you can drop in different things and read through them. I also got a page of instructions in English and the calibration card, which I've made available on my Manuals page.

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