James's Light Meter Collection: Sekonic L-206 View-Meter
Sekonic L-206 View-Meter Japan
Maker: Sekonic
Model: L-206 "View-Meter"
Circa: 1966 - 1976
Price (new): $34.95
Cell type: CdS
Measure type: Spot
Battery (orig): 1.35V Mercury (H-R)
Battery (replacement): n/a

Click for larger imageAnother battery-less classic. The Energizer "N" size 1.5v will fit it physically, but like most equivalents, it's a bit "hot" for a meter that was originally designed for 1.35v. My guess is that I could take a 1.35v button battery and make an adapter to fit it—or I could just buy a real 1° spot meter that takes easy-to-find batteries and be done with it.

A shame though, it's actually a nice meter. About the size of a pack of smokes. Back when I had the proper battery for it, it worked fine. The only downside is that you have to take your eyes off the viewfinder to read the scale on the side.

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