James's Light Meter Collection: Ilford B
Ilford B exposure meter (front) Ilford B exposure meter (rear) England
Maker: Ilford
Model: B
Circa: 1938
Cell type: Selenium
Measure type: reflectance

Ilford is an English company most popularly known for photographic films and papers. Despite a variety of mergers and acquisitions and various corporate actions, they're still in business. Films, papers, and chemistry can still be purchased under the Ilford name.

They also had a few branded meters. This one, I believe, was actually made by AVO, as the design is very AVO-like, particularly with the meter face. My Smethurst is very similar, as is my full-size AVO volt-milliamp-ohm meter.

Gotta like a meter that puts the instructions on the back, where you can't lose them.

This meter was a gift from Marcus Rowland. Thank you very much!

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