James's Camera Collection: Minolta XG-M

Minolta XG-M W. Germany Company History 35mm cameras
Minolta XGM
Camera type: Single Lens Reflex (SLR)
Approx. dates of manufacture: 1981
Lens Mount: Minolta MD
Batteries: two LR44 button types
Approx. original price: $488 (MSRP)
Approx. street value: $10

According to Wikipedia, this was Minolta's top of their mid-tier XG series, where it replaced the XG-9. It also claims this is the first camera with the new Minolta logo. It also appears to be the basis for their next top-line, manual focus SLR, the X-700.

$6 from the thrift shop and works fine.

The great thing about this camera is that it takes modern LR44 batteries, which can still be found without too much trouble.

Modern Photography Test: September 1981

Owner's Manual: Orphan Cameras.com

Reference: Wikipedia entry

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