James's Camera Collection: Canon Sure Shot Z135

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Canon Sure Shot Z135

Camera type: Autofocus non-SLR
Battery: 2CR5
Approx. dates of manufacture: 1996
Approx. original price: $unknown
Approx. street value: $5

This was the successor to the Sure Shot Z115 (I don't have one), which in turn was the upgraded version of the Sure Shot Z85 (I do have one of those). The main difference between the Z85 and the others is that the Z115 and this Z135 have a little better optics. This one has a retractable pop-up flash on the camera's left side (if you were looking through the viewfinder).

Another thift shop find—$3 with a missing battery door on the bottom. For some reason this is held by a simple screw rather than a hinge, so it's easily lost.

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