James's Camera Collection: Kodak Trimlite Instamatic 48

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Kodak Trimlite Instamatic 48
Camera type: Cartridge, Subminiature
Film type: 110
Lens: 26mm ƒ/2.7 Ektar
Dates of manufacture: 1975-1979
Original price: $146!!!
Current Street value: Nothing

I don't remember where I got this—either a friend gave it to me when she retired a lot of her old point-n-shoots, or it came in a lot I bought from a thrift shop that included something I had actually wanted. Either way, I have two of these things.

First thing I thought when I saw that I had two: I could make a stereo camera out of this!

Kodak introduced four Trimlites in 1975, the models 18, 28, 38 and this 48. I'm not sure what the difference is between these other than the price gets higher as the model numbers do. Mischa Koning has them on his website.

Model 18: base model, 25mm ƒ/1 meniscus (single-element) lens, two shutter speeds, fixed-focus. Original price $24.

Model 28: 25mm ƒ/8 lens, variable shutter, auto exposure. Original price: $61.

Model 38: shutter has longer range, CdS metering. Zone-focus, two ranges (close and far). Original price: $110.

Model 48: 26mm ƒ/2.7 Ektar (Ektars are good), range-finder focus. Original price: $146.

The magic of YouTube: Michael Raso from The Film Photography Podcast tries to sell the Model 18 version. He should be on QVC.



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