The Classic John Barry

(aka Out of Africa: The Classic John Barry)


The Classic John Barry Volume 2

cover art for Movie-Title OST cover art for Movie-Title Re-recording

Volume I

CD: Silva SSD 1033
Performed by the City of Prague Philharmonic, conducted by Nic Raine

  1. Zulu
  2. Out of Africa
  3. Midnight Cowboy
  4. The Last Valley [suite]
  5. Eleanor & Franklin
  6. Hanover Street
  7. Born Free [Suite]
  8. Chaplin
  9. Dances with Wolves
  10. Raise the Titanic [Suite]
  11. Indecent Proposal
  12. The Persuaders
  13. Robin & Marian [Suite]
  14. Body Heat
  15. Somewhere in Time
  16. The Lion in Winter [Suite]

Volume 2

CD: Silva SSD 1055
Performed by the City of Prague Philharmonic, conducted by Nic Raine

  1. High Road to China (Suite)
  2. The Wrong Box
  3. The Ipcress File
  4. The Black Hole
  5. The Appointment
  6. The Scarlet Letter
  7. Monte Walsh (Suite)
  8. The Knack
  9. Cry, the Beloved Country
  10. The Dove (Suite)
  11. Walkabout
  12. Mary, Queen of Scots: Vivre et Mourir
  13. Mary, Queen of Scots: But Not Through My Realm
  14. Mary, Queen of Scots: This Way Mary
  15. The Quiller Memorandum: Wednesday's Child
  16. Deadfall: Romance for Guitar and Orchestra


The Music

These were the first two compilations to be released by Nic Raine and the City of Prague Philharmonic. Raine was Barry's long time arranger and orchestrator, so he's very familiar with the sound (particularly the recent, romantic style). The great thing about these two albums is that not only do they have the hits like Out of Africa and Dances with Wolves, but a lot of the obscure stuff that's just available anywhere else. It's been ten years now since these CDs have come out, and even though some of the songs have subsequently been released (like Raise the Titanic and Monte Walsh), others remain unavailable--like Eleanor & Franklin and Hanover Street. Raine would continue this tradition with his subsequent releases, Walkabout and Zulu.

Release Notes

cover art for Out of Africa-the Classsic JBThis fries me. It's an obvious attempt to make it look like the album is Out of Africa, when it's just a compilation that includes the title track. Plus--what's wrong with The Classic John Barry? A collector who doesn't pay sharp attention will easily end up with both CDs by mistake. Okay--I expect this from some people, but I thought Silva was above this kind of nonsense. Maybe they did too--this is the only instance I'm aware of where they pulled this shenanegan. The Classic John Barry Volume 2, and their subsequent releases, retain the original cover art and album titles.