The Scarlet Letter


CD: Epic Soundtrax EK 67431

cover art for The Scarlet Letter
  1. Main Title [composed by Peter Buffett] / The Arrival - Search for Home
  2. Hester Rides to Town
  3. The Bird - the Swimmer [composed by Peter Buffett]
  4. A Very Exhilarating Read
  5. I'm Not the Man I Seem
  6. Agnes Dei [based on Adagio for Strings by Samuel Barber. Performed by Robert Shaw/Robert Shaw Festival Singers]
  7. I Can See what Others Cannot
  8. Love Scene
  9. Are You with Child
  10. A Small Act of Contrition
  11. The Birth
  12. I Baptise This Child - Pearl
  13. She Will Not Speak
  14. Dr. Rodger Prynne
  15. Hester Walks Through Town
  16. Poor Fatherless Child
  17. An Attemp at Rape
  18. The Savages have Killed Him
  19. The Round-Up
  20. I am the Father of Her Child
  21. The Indians Attack
  22. The Letter has Served a Purpose
  23. End Title

The Movie

I'm not going to see this movie, no apologies. I don't like Nathaniel Hawthorne's stuff, and I remember reading that Demi's then husband, Bruce Willis, defended the movie by saying "who says it doesn't have to have a happy ending?"

Maybe The Great Gatsby would have done better business if it had a happy ending, too. And how come Hamlet always has to die?

The Music

Another one I'll have to play again to re-aquaint myself.

Release Notes

The one good thing about this movie--the soundtrack was released on CD and should be easy to get.

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