cover art for The Wrong Box

The Wrong Box


LP: Mainstream S/6088
CD: RTCD 141802 (bootleg)

  1. Main Title (2:43)
  2. Montage of Deaths (2:04)
  3. Yes, Who is That? (1:28)
  4. Strangler (3:10)
  5. Responsible for Bringing Us Together (1:08)
  6. God Save Us / Pedantic, Boring Old (1:50)
  7. Morris Visits Dr. Pratt (:55)
  8. Morris Hides as He Sees Handcart (2:22)
  9. Tontine Box is Put on Hearse (1:39)
  10. Only a Bird in a Gilded Cage (2:41)
  11. Michael & Julia on Hearse (1:45)
  12. Hackett Funeral and Fight (3:47)
  13. Bournemouth Strangler (2:22)

The Movie

Maybe it's because I'm an American, but this movie blows. I like black humor. I have no problem with mixed up corpses and runaway hearses and such. But this movie is a mess. It has a lot of very good people--Michael Caine, Peter Cook, Dudley Moore, Peter Sellers--but it's just a train-wreck of a movie. And probably the least funny British comedy I've ever seen. Unless you count A Clockwork Orange, in which case it might be a tie.

The Music

I'm prejudiced because I loathed the film. You'll have to watch the movie and decide for yourself.

Release Notes

The LP was released with the movie, and is now highly collectable and hard to find. For reasons I never understood, there has been no commercial CD release (even though other Bryan Forbes films like King Rat and Deadfall are both available on CD). It is an attractive target as a bootleg, though.

A single version of the title theme shows up on the compilation CD The Film Music of John Barry, the LP John Barry Conducts His Greatest Movie Hits, Nic Raine's The Classic John Barry, Vol 2 and John Barry, The Collection.

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