cover art for Raise the Titanic

Raise the Titanic


CD: Silva SSD 1102
Performed by the City of Prague Philharmonic,
conducted by Nic Raine

  1. Prelude (1:58)
  2. Main Title / The Mine Shaft (3:16)
  3. The Sicilian Project / Dog Attack (2:33)
  4. The Sicilian Defence / Southby / "The Mountain Comes to Us" (3:06)
  5. "We're in Business" (1:45)
  6. To Cornwall / "All That's Left" (Memories of the Titanic) (2:27)
  7. Deep Quest / Flood! (5:26)
  8. Finding the Coronet / Spy on Board / The Smoke Stack (4:53)
  9. The Titanic Uncovered (3:58)
  10. Gene Explores the Titanic / Deep Quest Trapped (3:43)
  11. Rescue Attempt / Blowing the Tanks (3:50)
  12. Raise the Titanic / Deep Quest Saved (3:32)
  13. Memories of the Titanic (2:10)
  14. Russian Threat / The Titanic Enters New York Harbor (2:58)
  15. "Thank God for Southby" / In the Graveyard / End Titles (4:46)

The Movie

Another on the long list of movies I've never seen. Word was the book was okay but the movie stank on ice. I thought about renting it but decided I already suffer enough. The story has something to do about some desperately needed rare mineral that can only be found in the Soviet Union, but it turns out there may be some on the Titanic, of all places. So the Titanic has to be salvaged.

The Music

It's been awhile since I heard this, so I'll play it again and come back to this.

Release Notes

Barry's originial score to this lackluster adventure was never comercially released. The original masters are either lost or destroyed, so the full score was recently recorded by Nic Raine as a "soundtrack" album. A suite is also available on The Classic John Barry.

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