LP: Poo 102 (bootleg)
CD: Silva FilmCD 339 or
Silva America SSD 1120 (not original)
CD: JBCD-1 (bootleg)
Lyric by Don Black (not in the movie)

Track listing for the POO bootleg:

  1. Main Title (2:26)
  2. The Children (2:15)
  3. Stranded (1:10)
  4. Survival Test (1:27)
  5. The Journey (1:37)
  6. The Three of Us (1:50)
  7. Together at Sunset (3:50)
  8. Back to Nature (3:36)
  9. Cliffhanger (2:17)
  10. End Title (2:30)

The Movie

I loathed it. A man takes his two children out for a picnic in the Australian outback. As they set the food out, he shoots himself dead and leaves the children to die in the wilderness.

What's not to love about that?

So it's something of an "evil civilization and man removed from the state of nature" thing vs. the happy aboriginese. And it's all very, very stylized and artsy, and if you buy the premise and the style and the fact nobody seems to act like any normal person you've ever known in your life—then hey, it's a masterpiece.

The Music

But—I did like Barry's music. A lot of people did. It's the one good thing in the movie. It's Barry scoring against type--the music doesn't sound like anything you'd expect from a movie like this.

Release Notes

This a cult film and I do not believe that the original soundtrack was never commercially released. A bootleg LP came out on the POO label and it was subsequently bootlegged again, this time paired up with another obscure by desirable score, Follow Me. It was also out on the GSF label but I believe that's a bootleg too.

Nic Raine and the City of Prague Philharmonic recorded it, and it appears on the Silva compilation Walkabout, along with various other music ques from unreleased or hard-to-find titles.

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