cover art for Indecent Proposal

Indecent Proposal


CD: MCA MCAD 10795

  1. All the Right Places (5:46) [vocal by Lisa Stansfield]
  2. Instrumental Suite (25:20)


The Movie

I never did see this movie. Robert Redford makes some good movies, some bad. But I don't give a rat's about Woody Harrelson or Demi Moore. This was a famous tongue wagger of a movie, the kind that hangs on a question that the audience has to answer for itself. I answered by not bothering to see the film.

The Music

I don't play this one often. It's mainly a pop anthology and the only song on it that I like (not counting the Barry suite) is the Pretenders' cover of "I'm Not in Love." Barry's music is romantic and touching.

Release Notes

Barry's original score is represented on one track as a suite. He also wrote the music to the song "All the Right Places." The soundtrack CD came out along with the movie. It remains relatively easy to find. Nic Raine also recorded a piece for The Classic John Barry and John Barry, the Collection.

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