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The Knack


LP: United Artists UAS-4129
CD: Ryko RCD 10718
Lyric by Leslie Bricusse

  1. Main Theme (3:05) / A Certain Success [dialog from the Ryko CD]
  2. Here Comes Nancy Now! (2:52)
  3. Photo Strip (2:37)
  4. Three on a Bed (4:40)
  5. Blues and Out (2:47) / Certainly [dialog from the Ryko CD]
  6. The Knack (2:43) [vocal by Johnny De Little]
  7. And How to Get It (3:04) / Mr. Tight Trousers [dialog from the Ryko CD]
  8. Something's Up! (2:10)
  9. Doors & Bikes and Things (2:38)
  10. Ecstasy! (2:30) / A Man Can Develop... [dialog from the Ryko CD]
  11. End Title (2:35)

The Movie


The Music


Release Notes

This was out on LP. The movie was big in the UK so maybe the soundtrack is easier to find there than in the US, where the movie is pretty obscure. Rykodisc released it on CD a few years back, and it should be easy to find. The Rykodisc CD also includes dialog from the movie.

A small note: the British LP release omits the Johnny De Little vocal, and Track 10 is listed as "Raped!"

The Knack has quite a following in England. The theme shows up on the compilations John Barry Grand Prix 20, The Film Music of John Barry, Great Movie Sounds of John Barry, Nic Raine's The Classic John Barry Volume 2 and The Collection. Plus The Knack is considered a lounge classic, both as a movie and as music, so it appears on some of those lounge albums that are currently popular, like Rhino's Soundtracks with a Twist.

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