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The Dove


LP: ABC Records ABDP 852

Lyric by Don Black

  1. Main Title (3:05)
  2. Sail the Summer Winds (3:09) [vocal by Lyn Paul]
  3. Hitch-Hike to Darwin (2:14)
  4. Patty and Robin (2:20)
  5. Here There Be Dragons (2:44)
  6. Mozambique (2:15)
  7. The Motorbike and the Dove (1:24)
  8. Xing'mombila (2:09)
  9. Alone on the Wide, Wide Sea (3:52)
  10. Porpoise Escort (2:30)
  11. After the Fire (1:46)
  12. Sail the Summer Winds (2:21) [vocal by Lyn Paul]
  13. End Title (1:54)

The Movie

I remember reading the book in high school. It was the first-person account of a very determined young man who decided to sail around the world by himself. Since it was autobiographical and an account of his travels, it worked. As a movie it did not. Rather than do it as a documentary they tried to make more of a story out of it--and it it just wasn't there.

The Music

Once again, I liked the music even though I didn't like the film. The title song, "Sail the Summer Winds" seemed insipid at first but grew on me. The music is bright, light and lively; very much in contrast to what he writes today.

Release Notes

The LP soundtrack came out with the movie but never rated a commercial CD release. I believe there's a bootleg or two floating around, and the title song (as an instrumental) shows up on the Nic Raine boxed set John Barry: the Collection, and a suite from the film is part of The Classic Film Music of John Barry, Volume II.

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