cover art for The Persuaders

The Persuaders


No Soundtrack Release

The Movie

Never saw it, though it's on DVD. Tony Curtis was supposed to the tough New York street guy, Roger Moore was "Lord Brett Sinclair." Together they fought crime. The show was financed in such a way that even though it was British, it needed to become a crossover hit in the US. It didn't. The producers' loss was Roger's gain--he lost weight, got a haircut and signed on as James Bond for Live & Let Die. Curtis got to look forward to The Bad News Bears Go to Japan.

The Music

Barry only wrote the title song. Ken Thorne wrote the incidentals for most of the series.

Release Notes

I put the photo here because I wanted some artwork, but there was no real soundtrack release. The title song made it onto a bunch of compilations, including this self-titled one. There's also a very common import called Amicalement Votre, which is identical.

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