cover art for Cry the Beloved Country

Cry the Beloved Country


CD: Epic Soundtrax EK 67354

  1. Main Title
  2. The Beginning of the Journey
  3. The Train to Johannesburg
  4. You've Been Robbed
  5. Emaxambeni [performed by The Havana Swingsters. Written by Eric Nomvete]
  6. I've Been a Bad Woman!
  7. Is It My Song?
  8. He Was Our Only Child
  9. What Sort of Life Did They Lead
  10. Hamba Notsokolo [written and performed by Dorothy Masuka]
  11. Bastards - Bloody Bastards
  12. Did It Seem Heavy?
  13. Cry, Cry the Beloved Country
  14. Christ, Forsake Me Not
  15. The Boys Club
  16. We Taught Him Nothing
  17. Amazing Grace [performed by Ladysmith Black Mambazo]
  18. Go Well Umfundisi
  19. Do Not Spoil My Pleasure
  20. It Is My sSon - That Killed Your Son
  21. The Marriage
  22. The Shadow of Death
  23. The Fifteenth Day


The Movie

A remake of Alan Paton's novel of segregated South Africa, this time starring James Earl Jones and Richard Harris. I couldn't get into the novel nor either version of the movie--sorry.

The Music

Very much in the spirit of recent Barry scores--very lush and very slow. Anyone familiar with Barry's score for Zulu will hear the themes represented here as well. A nice touch.

Release Notes

The CD came out at the time of the movie, and remains reasonably easy to find.

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