Robin & Marian

cover art for Robin & Marian OST cover art for Robin & Marian Re-recording

No commercial release


Bootleg LP: Sherwood SH 1500
Bootleg LP: Sherwood PRO 4345
Bootleg CD: Sherwood 500 AX2

cover art for another edition of Robin and Marian



CD: Silva 354

Performed by The City of Prague Philharmonic, Conducted by Nic Raine

  1. Main Title
  2. The ride To Sherwood/The Ride To Nottingham (film version)
  3. Robin And Marian Meet/Fight & Recognition/"He Was My King"
  4. Dawn In Sherwood
  5. Over The Wall/Escape
  6. First Love Theme
  7. Trapped
  8. Nuns
  9. In The Church/This Way
  10. Second Love Theme
  11. The Ride To Sherwood/The Ride To Nottingham (original version)
  12. In Position/Preparation For Battle
  13. Third Love Theme
  14. The Fight Must Go On
  15. John Bursts In/The End

The Movie

Sean Connery and Audrey Hepburn played geriatric Robin Hood and Maid Marian in this film about their twilight years. I saw it decades ago on late-night tv, so I remember almost nothing except that I liked it.

The Music

I've got the Sherwood bootleg LP in storage. I don't have the rerecording yet. I'll comment when I do and get to hear it again.

Release Notes

This is arguably Barry's most bootlegged score, though The Black Hole may beat it if you count CD-Rs. The most common bootlegs are the two Sherwood (get it? Sherwood Forest?) LPs, which I'm told were sourced from the recording sessions and include out-takes. I have one of the Sherwoods (I think SH 1500) and each side is presented as one long, untitled track. The more recent CD bootleg, Sherwood 500 AX2, I am told was sourced from the laserdisc. I haven't heard it so I can't make any comparisons.

So it was with great joy that Nic Raine released a rerecorded score.

If that's not enough, two pieces ("John Bursts In" and "The End") are available on the CD Music from the Films of Audrey Hepburn (Big Screen 9 24503-2). A piece called "Robin & Marian" shows up on A Tribute to Sean Connery by Orchestra Seattle, and Nic Raine has a version on his The Collecton. And a suite of music by Nic Raine is on The Classic John Barry.