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CD: Active Media
LP: MCA 3600

  1. Boom
  2. Urgentissimo - Like Everything this Summer
  3. Of a year Unknown
  4. Pain Gone til Tomorrow
  5. Have I Changed Very Much Since You Last Saw Me?
  6. You've Got More Things Going For You Than Teeth, Baby (Barry)
  7. Mister Death Angel Flanders (Barry)
  8. Through Caverns Measureless to Man (Barry)
  9. Capito (Barry)
  10. Which Way is the Sun? (Barry)
  11. A Mobile Called "Boom" (Barry)
  12. The Shock of Each Moment of Still Being Alive (Barry)
  13. Hideaway (Dankworth-Black) [Vocal by Georgie Fame]

The Movie

I never shared the intelligencia's love of Tennesse Williams. His plays always seemed to me to be about martians. Wonder why? Consider Jean Osbourne's synopsis that's printed on the back of the album jacket:

Flora "Cissie" Goforth (Liz) is the richest and loneliest woman in the world. She is also dying, though this she ferociously denies.

Seven times married and widowed, until this summer she had enjoyed her solitude and her lovers on a privately-owned Mediterranean island. here, guarded by a sadistic dwarf, a pack of ferocious hounds and a resident doctor with hypodermic at the ready, Mrs. Goforth rules despotically under her personal standard of a rampant griffin. She fills her days dictating spicy memoirs to long-suffering secretary Blackie.

To this island comes an ageing penniless poet, Chris Flanders (Dick). He is known to the jet set as the Angel of Death, for his habit of turning up just before rich ladies die.

Mrs. Goforth is attracted to Flanders, who reminds her of a past love, but repelled by the Angel of Death legend which is recounted to her by the Witch of Capri (Noël Coward) whom she summons to dinner.

Suspicious of his motives, Mrs. Goforth behaves capriciously to Flanders. Nevertheless she allows him to stay on and ulitmately invites him to bed. The poet in the menatime has had a weird love-affair with her secretary. As much to his surprise as hers, he declines the offer.

Neither Cissie Goforth's money nor jewels save her from the Angel of Death. He is at her bedside when she dies, leaving him alone with Blackie in the cliff-top villa on the Isola Goforth where the weaves go Boom, Boom.

Needless to say, I've never seen this thing. knock wood

The Music

I wrote the track titles as they appear on the album jacket. I don't know why Barry doesn't get a credit for the first five tracks. The last track, "Hideaway," is a Johnny Dankworth/Don Black song.

It's a strange one—this. The music has a carnival sound (at least to American ears) that I'm sure symbolizes something that would make sense if I'd seen the movie (perhaps), but doesn't really make sense out of context. Other ques sound like Portents of Doom. My favorite two tracks are "Capito," which is turkish (or something middle-eastern) and interesting; and the final song, "Hideaway," which isn't Barry at all.

Release Notes

The CD is now available from ('s British sister). The LP got a commercial release in New Zealand and the UK on the MCA label. A single was also released on CBS records. After that it disappeared. It was bootlegged on CD, paired with Petulia. The title single appears on the compilation LP Play It Again and the compilation CD The Best of John Barry.

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