James's Camera Collection: Wollensak 8 Model 58

Wollensak 8 Model 58
Wollensak Model 43 movie camera
Instruction manual Format: 8mm
Transport: Spring-wind
Exposure: Manual
Approx. date of manufacture: 1955
Approx. original price: $124.50

This is the Wollensak 8 Model 58. It's the single-lens version of their Model 53 (see advertisement). Other than the lens turret, they're identical.

To my eye this is the basis of their later Model 43; add the lens turret, the adjustable diaphram knob, and the larger viewfinder, and that's the camera.

Wollensak 8 Model 53 advertisementIt's very heavy and dense for its size (compare it to a very thick paper-back book, if the book were solid steel instead of paper), but it looks and feels like quality. The fit and finish are very nice. The lens is a standard C-mount so it can be swapped out.

This camera was donated by Kelly Chandler, along with the original box and the instruction book, which I'm in the process of scanning. It had been her father's. Thank you, Kelly!

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