James's Camera Collection: Kodak Brownie 8mm

Kodak Brownie 8mm
Kodak Brownie 8 movie camera
Format: 8mm
Transport: Spring-wind
Exposure: Manual
Approx. date of manufacture: 1951
Approx. original price: $50

Kodak churned out a ton of these things in various configurations. This is the first, base model from 1951. Came with two lens options, an ƒ/2.7 or this one with an ƒ/1.9. McKeown's price guide, 1995 edition, says the ƒ/2.7 sold for $47.50; I'm not sure what kind premium this lens demanded. They were both Ektanons, which in Kodak-speak would be a decent lens (Ekta- was usually the higher tier, and Koda- was the lower tier. This was true for pretty much everything except their slide films). You can also find these in 3-lens turret models.

Later versions, like the 8mm Camera II (I don't own one) revised the controls a bit, and used a rocking trigger switch instead of that thin, contoured slide switch which would chew through your fingertips before very long (it's located on the front panel, lower center). They later added on-board meters and automatically adjusting apertures, like on my Brownie Automatic.

These were largely metal. In the early 60s they redesigned it and went to a plastic body. I call it the Brownie 8, but these are really the same camera.

I got this because it came paired with my Univex B8.

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