James's Camera Collection: Bell & Howell One-Nine

Bell & Howell One-Nine "Monterey Deluxe"
Bell and Howell One-Nine
Owner's manualFormat: 8mm
Transport: Spring-wind
Exposure: Manual
Approx. date of manufacture: 1958
Approx. original price: $59.95

This is a sister to my Bell & Howell Two-Twenty; the only real difference is the maximum aperture of the lens; the Two-Twenty is ƒ/2.2, this one is ƒ/1.9.

The big "feature" on this is the sun-dial diaphram diagram to help you set the camera if you don't have a meter.

In advertising, this was called the "Monterey Deluxe."

If you want to see how they reused this basic platform, and how much they charged for different features, consider this: the basic platform for this machine is the Two-Twenty Wilshire, which has a single ƒ/2.2 lens and the sun-dial manual aperture: $40. The next step up was this machine with a faster lens: $60. If you put a 3-lens turret on it, you got the TA-Monterey: $100. If you went back to the single ƒ/1.9 lens but replaced the diaphram with an electric eye, you got the Model 290-EE: $170. (All prices are MSRP from B&H's advertising).

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