James's Camera Collection: GAF Colt 84

GAF Colt 84
GAF Colt 84
Format: 8mm
Transport: Spring-wind
Exposure: Automatic (CdS)
Approx. date of manufacture: 1975
Approx. original price: $unknown

My uncle gave this to me when I was a kid after it had been dropped on the floor and the front lens got banged up. My father managed to straighten out the lens barrel and freed up the movement, and cleaned up the bit of peanut butter that had also come with it. My dad didn't like Super 8 and he already had the nice Keystone, so I got it.

GAF Colt 84 adThis is, by far, the best of my movie cameras (not counting the Keystone). It was cartridge loading, it didn't leak light, it had a built-in zoom and a handle. It was a helluva lot better than the junk I had (and I still have plenty). But I don't think I ever ran more than a couple of carts of film through it.

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