James's Camera Collection: Keystone K-715P

Keystone K-715P
Keystone K-715P movie camera
Owner's manualFormat: Super 8mm
Transport: Electric
Exposure: Automatic (CdS)
Approx. date of manufacture: 1970
Approx. original price: $tbd

Purchased for $5, and then paid $20 to ship it. This is the first time I've had a 4:1 freight-to-price ratio on anything I've bought online.

I bought this one primarily because it was an inexpensive (even after shipping) complete outfit. The camera came with the original box, a lamp, a dual-8 movie projector (which means it runs both regular 8 and Super 8), and a 50-foot movie of the Apollo 8 space mission. I think my father may have that one. I know he's got one of the pre-landing Apollo missions on 8mm film.

I have the owner's manual for this camera available on my manuals page.

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