James's Camera Collection: Kodak M22 Instamatic

Kodak M22 Instamatic
Kodak M22 Instamatic movie camera
Format: Super 8
Transport: Battery (two AA)
Exposure: Manual
Lens: 14mm ƒ/2.7 Ektanar fixed
Date of manufacture: 1970
Original price: $unknown

Usually I buy a box of cameras and get some light meters thrown in. This time I bought a light meter and got a bunch of cameras thrown in, and this is one of them. It's an early 70s-era that takes 8mm drop-in cartridges, which was a nice feature. It's very small, light, and meant for the same point-n-shoot crowd who'd use the Brownie cameras.

This is a slightly better version of my M12. It's very similar in that it has the same lens and exposure control, but it's got that nice pistol grip and it only takes 2 batteries instead of three.

The word Instamatic was meant to tie-in to Kodak's popular 126 cartridge format for still-cameras.

Mine arrived in its original box with paperwork and a cartridge of film. Owner's Manual

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