I am not a professional mechanic. I am kind of a shadetree/driveway mechanic, so don't take anything I say here as the Gospel. These are notes, comments, and information I've found to be useful and think others may as well.

That said, I'm a small-time specialist on this car simply because I've had to be. Some things (the tranny rebuilds, paint, and things I never could diagnose myself) had to be done by the pros. But a lot of smaller things, like replacing the brake vacuum tank, working on the ignition, replacing the fuel tank senders, and the head gasket, were things I had to do myself because I'd go broke sending it to the shop every time something happened. The car bleeds my bank account badly enough already.

Stuck Aerial Diagnosis and Repair

A note on Camshaft Bearing Caps

Brake Light Switch Modification

California Smog Story

Cigar Lighter

Common Air, Fuel and Oil Filter Numbers

Fuel Changeover Switch

Fuel Tank Sender Replacement

Fussing with Fuel Injectors

Head Gasket Replacement

Inside the Ignition Amplifier Module

The Running the Car out of Gas Fiasco (aka Ignition Lock)

Oxygen Sensor Ground Strap

Inside the Power Resistor Pack PR2

The Strap in the Trunk


Jaguar Vanden Plas (Series 3)