I'm doing this for my own benefit but someone else may care. This is a short collection of videos that I believe are relevant to the Jaguar XJ6 automobiles. And by XJ6 I mean the pre-XJ40 era.

Wheeler Dealers

This is one another of those shows where the host buys a project car, hands it to his expert mechanic, and then sells it at a profit. There are a number of these shows about cars and even more about houses. 99% of them are worthless, but I like this one because you can actually learn something about car repair. And unlike a lot of the auto-repair shows, these aren't always bolt-on kits for their sponsors.

1989 Jaguar XJS 3.6 L6 - Overall Episode 35; UK Series 6, Episodes 9 and 10; Amazon Prime Season 7, Episodes 9 and 10.
The XJS was the successor to the E-type, and it never had the XK engine, but it still has a lot of commonality with the XJ6 in electrical and other parts.

1973 Jaguar E-type V12 - Overall Episode 51; UK Series 8, Episode 1; Amazon Prime Season 5, Episode 1.
Even though this E-type (XKE in the United States) has the V12 engine, there's still some commonality.

1999 Jaguar XK8 - Overall Episode 67; Series 9, Episode 7; Amazon Prime Season 9, Episode 7.
Not much that's directly useful to me. But I've always wanted an XK8 convertible. Maybe someday I'll have one.

1960 Jaguar Mark II - Overall Episode 69; Series 9, Episode 9; Amazon Prime Season 9, Episode 9.
This is old compared to the XJ6, but it's still got the XK engine, which makes it relevant. I had to clean the breather filter on my car when I had it off. It was almost completely plugged.

1976 Jaguar XJC - Overall Episode 96; Series 11, Episode 9; Amazon Prime Season 12, Episode 3.
The XJC is a 2-door version of the XJ6 Series II, with a vinyl roof. I hear all kinds of praise for it; I am the only person I know who doesn't like the way it looks. Maybe you have to be British.

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