Common Filter Numbers

I recently had the problem of trying to obtain a simple oil filter for the car. Both Amazon and the local auto parts chain listed the wrong filter number. I was stung on one, luckily caught the other before I spent money. This, then, is list of filter numbers used on my Jaguar. I assume they are the same for all 4.2L XKs, possibly more.

All of these are obtained from the individual marker's website, unless otherwise noted.

Oil Filters

Maker Number Comment
AC Delco PF605G / PF964  
Beck/Arnley 041-8665  
Bosch 3978  
CarQuest 85231  
Fram Extra Guard PH2995  
Jaguar EAC1467  
Jiffy Lube HL2995 / JL381 from
K&N E-2350  
Mann W 930/13  
Napa 1231 / 1232 / 7027 from
Purolator L30381  
Quaker State Q55618  
STP S2995 from
Valvoline VO-86  
Wix 51231  

Air Filters

Maker Number Comment
Beck Arnley 042-1289  
Fram Extra Guard CA6549  
K&N E-2350  
Mann C 1567  
Purolator A23587  
Wix 42199 possible

Fuel Filters

Maker Number Comment
AC Delco GF538  
Beck Arnley 043-0805  
Fram G3829  
Mann WK 830  
Purolator F60146  
Wix 33161  

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