A Note on Camshaft Bearing Caps

An alternate title for this site could be "Nobody else may care but I thought this was interesting."

Here's something I never noticed before. The cam bearing caps are numbered 1 through 8, and correspond with numbers stamped on the head next to where the cap goes. Look at the photos in the upper right corner on the top row (exhaust side), and the upper left corner for the bottom row (intake side). Click on photos for larger versions.

Bearing Cap 1 Bearing Cap 2Bearing Cap 3Bearing Cap 4

Bearing Cap 5Bearing Cap 6Bearing Cap 7Bearing Cap 8

The order (at least on my engine) begins with #1 at the front (fan end) of the exhaust side and counts up to 4 by the firewall on the exhaust side, then continues with #5 on the firewall end of the intake side, up through 8 at the fan end.

The service manual only says that the bearing caps should be put back in the same places they were taken from.

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