James's Camera Collection: Acknowledgements, Links & References

Acknowledgements, Links & References


I'd like to thank everyone who posted so much good information on their websites. Special thanks to Bud Watkins for the QRS/DeVry advertisement, Peter Foster for a large number of Durst, LPL and a new Kaiser System-V enlarger manuals, and Arto Koljonen for the Opemus 5 manuals, Kelly Chandler for the Wollensak 8 Model 58 movie camera, George for the Revere 48 16-mm projector and Revere 50 cine camera manuals, Rod Morgan for the Opemus III literature, and Doug Fry for the Capital De Luxe light meter.

Resources and Links

Official Camera-Maker Websites

  1. Agfa
  2. Argus
  3. Canon USA
  4. Eastman Kodak
  5. Mamiya USA
  6. Mattel, Inc. — makers of View-Master products.
  7. Konica Minolta US
  8. Nikon USA

Excellent Camera Reference Sites

  1. Photography in Malaysia — arguably the best website I've seen about modern cameras. Some nice photos, too.
  2. Photoethnography — has great information on the owner's camera collection.
  3. Virtual Camera Museum — a nice collection with brief info on a variety of cameras, including many I haven't come across elsewhere.
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