For several years, the Anaheim Union High School District used to put on a summer program called the Leadership Academy. It was a mixture of cultural events (field trips to various museums, shows, and other venues), lectures, and other things to expand the horizons of the group that was invited to attend that year. I was there for 1982.

One of the things we had to do was a small-group project. My group made a news-magazine of sorts. That had been done the previous year as well, so I have those two editions, plus a single-page edition that we put out mid-term.

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Academy - Vol 2. #1: July 23, 1982

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Staff: Chris Makimoto, Mike Ninburg, Sondra Porter.
: Ms. April Olsen

Computer craze hits Academy

Bill Sexton, Todd Ethington, Martins Zinbergsby Chris Makimoto

Enlightened by the world of computers several students within the Academy are presently using them in a wide variety of ways. Many students in the Academy enjoy computers for the challenge and mind-bending games. Such games include Dungeons and Dragons and Ultima which can be played on the Apple computer.

Student Martins Zinbergs attended the Academy in 1980 where he first acquired a fancy for computers.

"I've been playing around with computers for approximately two years now," says Martins. He plans to use a computer for his required project at the Academy.

Greg Kline, another student attending the Academy, claims to be a typical "computer nut."

"I started going to computer meetings and found them interesting and that's how I got started on the computer hitch," stated Greg. Greg is also planning on focusing his presentation on computers.

Computers are being used throughout the nation in every form of business and pleasure. Academy guest speaker. Dr. Richard Byrne, explained to the students of the Academy the various ways he makes use of his computers within his business.

Dr. Byrne's energetic personality reflects upon the message he stresses "don't get numb too young." He feels that leadership, computers or any area should be explored to it fullest extent.

Computers play a big role in the community to this present day and with new ideas arising computers may play a major part in our very near future.

Leading women discuss tips for future

by Sondra Porter

From the time when the women of the early 1900's fought for suffrage and Florence Nightingale struggled for her countrymen's lives, to today's Margaret Thatcher who battled for her country's honor, women have dedicated their lives to the leadership role.

Leadership Academy was introduced to three women active in today's society. One of those leaders was Cynthia Grennan who is the superintendent of the Anaheim Union High School District. Ms. Grennan, as did all the speakers, shared her ideas on the traits of a good leader. Some characteristics she listed are the ability to be sensitive, to take critisism and blame, be a risk taker, and in addition to being a leader, being able to be a follower.

The second speaker was Dr. Leadie Clark, chancellor of North Orange County Community College District. Dr. Clark voiced that one must not be narrow in knowledge. "Students should excell in communication skills and take active part in speech groups," she stated. Dr. Clark revealed that language is the key and speech is the main instrument in yesterday's, today's and tomorrow's world.

The last speaker on this subject was Judge Betty Elias, who, although disabled by arthiritis, spoke inspirationally on future planning. Judge Elias advised the Leadership students to be as prepared as possible for the future.

Students tour Getty: Doing as Romans did

Rosalia Rodriguezby Mike Ninburg

When entering the main garden, one's thoughts are of Rome in her grandeur. The design is that of a first century Roman villa. However, knowing that this is Malibu in the twentieth century, the next thought that comes to mind is that of the home of an eccentric millionaire. Entering the two story structure at the far end of the garden one immediately sees a bookstore and elevators and realizes that this is not a residence. Further examination proves this to be the J. Paul Getty Museum.

The museum is a re-creation of the "Villa dei Papiri", which was covered by volcanic mud when Mt. Vesuius erupted in 79 A.D. The gardens in the museum contain modern bronze and silver casts of statues that were uncovered during excavations of the villa.

When the Academy arrived at the museum the students were given a short oration on the museum and its history. Following the talk, since there was no tour guide, the students split up into groups and explored the museum.

Since there was only one hour to tour the museum, everyone had to rush through the exhibits. On the main level the students were able to see the third most important exhibit in the U.S. of Greek and Roman artifacts. Among these artifacts were sculptures, vases, mosaics, and other significant works of that period.

Venturing to the upper level the students saw a beautiful display of paintings. "The paintings showed i excellent quality with much depth," stated Academy student Todd Hamo. Among the paintings were works done by Rembrandt, Rubens, La Tour and Gainsborough.

Cheryl Biggs spoke for Academy students when she said, "There were so many wonderful things we didn't even get to see; I wish we had more time."

Debate: Questionable Future

by Chris Makimoto


Our future may hold in store for us a totally different type of life style with new technology and a whole new out-look on life.

Many Academy students are for the idea of changing drastically the basic functions and systems we presently have.

John Piper feels that we should eliminate the school system. "The system is very inefficient and I'd like to have a better one." says John.

Rosalia Rodriguez also argues, "If we have a computer type of system people will be able to learn at their own rate."

Another question which arises is about ecomonics. Many people are for the idea of standard wages in the future.

Student Rachel Cohen stated, "I am for equal wages in the future. I feel it could solve many problems world wide."

There are many who are looking forward to various changes within the society concerning very important topics such as school systems and job wages. Our future can be a big improvement from our present day life style with the aid of new ideas being put to use.


Our future may be tough challenge, but the need to exploit new ideas and technology is not the answer for everybody. There are those who are against new and outrageous ideas and rather stick with their moral values and traditional type of systems.

Eliminating school systems entirely is not very favorable to the majority of students at the Academy.

Leslie Margetich stated, "I think that some form of school is needed for the social aspect of life to continue •"

"I think a student needs the 'in classroom' type of teaching," commented Sondra Porter.

Another issue that causes much disagreement among students is the idea of an equal wage system.

"I am against equal wages but for a system which pays according to the amount of work produced," stated Ellen Katsumoto.

Sandi Yodokawa remarks, "I think that we need to have some competition in our jobs."

A large number of students are against the idea of drastic changes within our system. Their views are supporting the moral values and systems similar to the present day format in their hopes for a great future.

Listening, experiencing, observing-Academy students tour, learn

by Sondra Porter

The Leadership Academy has gone on many field trips this summer ranging from viewing the "Show Boat" to touring community service centers. Each experience was intended to help the Academy student for future references.

Pasadena Art Center College of Design and Music Center

The theme of the first week in Academy was "Creativity, Leadership and You". Activities were centered around this theme. Academy students toured the Pasadena Art Center College of Design and reviewed the "Show Boat" at the Music Center. At the college, the Academy students were shown the work of the Pasadena art students. A film presentation was also given and students were allowed to tour the campus.

Pepperdine University, J. Paul Getty Museum, and Aerospace Corp.

In the second week of Academy the students toured yet mother private college and received information on the Pepperdine facilities. At the J. Paul Getty Museum, students received a small taste of Roman and Greek art. (Please see related article on page one.) Students viewed a film on solar energy, designed and given by Aerospace. A tour of the laser experiment rooms and a film about the first space shuttle were also shown to students.

Civic Center and Community Services in Anaheim

In the Civic Center the Academy received a lecture on the various types of trials and court procedures. Afterwards, the students watched a murder trial for an Anaheim resident and later learned that Tommy Martinez was found guilty by the iurv. Near the end of the third week at Leadership Academy, students were shown the meeting room of the City Council located at the City Hall. Procedures were explained and discussed with a City Hall Representative. A tour of the poverty stricken areas in Anaheim was given and various types of graffiti were discussed. Besides the negative side of Anaheim, Academy members also looked at the mural paintings used to discourage graffiti in the poorer neighborhoods of Anaheim. Students also toured Community Centers throughout the city. Students learned of the various types of programs available for the elderly citizens and some volunteered their talents by playing the piano or singing for the Senior Citizens.

Amy Dougherty, Korrine Terres, Todd Ethington, Kevin McKinney, Lamia Gabal, Joe Nguyen, Mike Ninburg, Charles Park, David Scott, Joel Pamation, Rosalia Rodriguez

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