They Might Be Giants


No Soundtrack Release

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The Movie

If you have to put a Leonard Maltin review on your box cover, you know you have problems. And if he gave you only 3 stars, you need a new line of work.

It was an interesting idea--George C. Scott is a nut who thinks he's Sherlock Holmes. Joanne Woodward is a psychiatrist who gets dragged into Scott's fantasy world as "Dr. Watson." How much of Scott's madness is really madness? Or worse--how are you going to break his thought process? Sherlock Holmes's world was built out of making connections out of minutae that escaped ordinary men's notice. So why not here, now? Why isn't this all a fiendishly subtle plot by Moriarty?

James Goldman's play was probably better. I don't think Scott was right for the role. I don't think it comes off as a movie.

The Music

This is another one of Barry's jobs where he only wrote the main theme and handed it off to someone else, in this case Ken Thorne.

Release Notes

There was no soundtrack release. Music sourced from various media--a laserdisc or a videotape is fodder for a track or two on bootlegs. Nic Raine recorded a couple pieces for his compilation CD Walkabout.

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