cover art for Night Games

Night Games


CD: Silva Film CD 123

  1. Descent into Decadence
  2. The Lesbian Tango
  3. The Wet Spot
  4. Water Sports / The Domanatrix's Waltz
  5. Phantom of the Orgasm
  6. Afterplay

The Movie

Roger Vadim, who's infamous in the US as the director of Barbarella, came up with another twisted sex film about lesbians and housewives and and a guy in a bird suit--I guess. I've never seen it--it's not the sort of thing that runs on tv much. But Joanna Cassidy's in it and I'll watch anything she's in--once.

The Music

It's harder to evaluate the score when I haven't seen the context it was meant for. It's quiet, it's moody. It sounds like a train wreck up against Game of Death.

Release Notes

As far as I know, this never saw a release on its own. When Silva released it on CD, they paired it up with Game of Death, for reasons I never understood: they also released a double soundtrack, Starcrash and Until September. Night Games is a very quiet, moody score, and it sounds like a train wreck when matched with Game of Death. Starcrash would have made a far better match.

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