cover art for My Life

My Life


CD: Epic Soundtrax EK 57683

  1. Main Title
  2. A Childhood Wish
  3. Pictures from the Past
  4. I'm Still in the Game
  5. My Life: Love Theme
  6. The Old Neighborhood
  7. I Used to Hide in There
  8. You're a Believer
  9. My Last Trip Home
  10. Moments
  11. D-Day
  12. Child's Play
  13. The Circus
  14. Nice to Meet You Brian
  15. The Roller Coaster
  16. End Title

The Movie

Never saw it, and very likely never will. Michael Keaton is a dying man who wants to leave some kind of legacy to his unborn son. Not my kind of film. And it tanked at the box office--what a shock.

The Music

I only know the music from the CD. I was surprised to find out how much I liked the music. It's quiet and poignant, and to my ears sounds very much like Until September, The Beyondness of Things and Eternal Echoes. I like to put it on in the background and just let it flow.

Release Notes

The soundtrack CD was released with the film and remains relatively easy to find.

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