cover art for The Beyondness of Things

The Beyondness of Things

CD: London 460 009-2 [UK Release]

  1. The Beyondness of Things (4:15)
  2. Kissably Close (4:01)
  3. The Heartlands (5:06)
  4. Give Me a Smile (4:49)
  5. A Childhood Memory (5:14)
  6. Nocturnal New York (4:33)
  7. Meadow of delight and Sadness (3:53)
  8. Gifts of Nature (4:29)
  9. The Fictionist (3:47)
  10. Dawn Chorus (4:57)
  11. The Day the Earth Fell Silent (5:05)
  12. Dance with Reality (4:48)

The Music

This is John Barry's first album of music that is not intended for a film or the theater since Americans way back in 1975 (though there's speculation that some of this is recycled from The Horse Whisperer). It is very much in the mood of his anthology Moviola. It is dense, deep, smooth and romantic. is right in putting it in their Classical Music section. Recommended for those who have enjoyed the film scores he's been writing for the last decade. Anyone who prefers the music from his earlier career when the music was livlier and more jazz influenced will be very disappointed.


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