cover art for The Golden Seal

The Golden Seal


LP: Compleat CSTR 6001
Cassette: Compleat CSTR-4-6001

  1. Letting Go (03:35) [vocal by Glen Campbell]
  2. The Story Begins (02:37)
  3. Voyage To Dutch (02:40)
  4. The Legend (02:00)
  5. Williwa (03:30)
  6. The Bridge (01:35)
  7. Face To Face (04:12)
  8. The Frolic (04:30)
  9. Swimming Lessons (02:25)
  10. Close Call (02:12)
  11. The Choice (03:00)
  12. You're Safe Now (02:18)
  13. Goodbye (05:10)

The Movie

I remember seeing a trailer for this thing at the theater, and somehow I missed it! Go figure. Appears to be a Flipper type movie about a boy and a seal, except that the seal is gold and very highly prized for its pelt, and can you guess what happens then?

The Music

Sometimes Barry was so busy that he agreed to write the themes but not to actually score the film in detail and this was another example (also see They Might be Giants and Murphy's War). In this case Dana Kaproff wrote the rest of the score. I've never seen the movie nor heard the score, so I have no opinion on it. From the information I've seen, there's nothing that separates Barry's work from Kaproff's.

Release Notes

The LP was released with the movie. It's not widely available, but since Barry only wrote some of the themes, it's not very collectable.

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