The Adventurer


No soundtrack release

cover art for The Adventurer

The Movie

Gene Barry starred in what was described to me as "a pretty cheesy 30 minute affair with Gene Barry as an adventurer (trying to be a one-man Persuaders) working for the Barry Morse character, Parminter. It was all pretty boring apart from the titles and music, and featured lots of obvious stunt double work during anything physical."

The Music

Never saw it. I've only heard the title theme which shows up on compilations.

Release Notes

Like most television series, unless it's a mega-hit there's no soundtrack album. And The Adventurer was a flop. Barry wrote the title theme, which appears on the compilation CD The Best of John Barry, the LP The Concert John Barry (that surprises me), and the LP The Very Best of John Barry.


There's a Gene Barry fan page that has stills from the show. John Barry/Gene Barry--nothing is too obscure on the internet!