James's Light Meter Collection: Acknowledgements and Links


I'd like to thank everyone who put so much great information on their websites. Special thanks to Bruce Quick, who kindly scanned the missing pages for the Spectra Combi-500 manual; Lee Brilliant, for letting me use photos of his Rhamstine Electrophot M-S-B; Michael White for his GE Model 213 candlemeter, the Ordover Family for their Bertram Electro Bewi Standard; D C Inall for the Ranger 9 Zone System accessory dial; Chuck Foreman for the great Dorn Prixcolor; Larry Curtis for scanning his rare Harrison Light Corrector Attachment manual; Anssi Puisto for clearing up the nomenclature of the Gossen Ombrux/Blendux; Jack Freymuller for some great documentation and vintage advertising; Pat Walsh for the GE PR-2 tear-down information; Ed van der Aa for Gossen info in particular, among other goodies, Angus Reid for the Leningrad 8 meter documentation in English, Bill McGinnis for the DeJur Critic, Mike Weeg for the General Electric DW-68 manual, John and Nancy Lamz for the Norwood Director B with extra documentation, Peter de Waal for notes on Weston Master IV variations, Miguel for the Voss M-6, William Lampman for the Photrix Small-Spot, Mike Dimov for the S&M A-3, Michael Vahldieck for the Gossen Super Pilot manual, Don Graf for background information on the Weston 650, Daniel Lenel for additional information and corrections regarding the Horvex and Metrawatt, Jaap Besterveld for the Carl Zeiss, Lunasix 3, and Yashica YEM-55 meters, Charles Lent for the scanned Cambron (Capital) EF-1 instruction manual, Michael Golubin for corrections and information regarding some Russian cameras and meters, Gary Cowans for an improved copy of my Paton Palec meter instructions, and Richard W. Holzman for info regarding the Sekonic L-164 family of underwater meters.

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