James's Light Meter Collection: Yashica YEM35 Super
Yashica YEM35 Super Japan
Maker: Yashica
Model: YEM35 Super
Circa: 1967
Price (new): $14.95
Cell type: CdS
Measure type: Reflecting/Averaging
Battery: PX625 mercury

You can't see scale in this photo, but it's about the same size as my Yashica Clip-on, Fris and Capital. It has a foot underneath so it can be seated on the accessory shoe of a camera, so it's small.

This Super is a later version of their earlier YEM 35.

This would be a nice unit to use on my various meter-less cameras, but it suffers from the same problem of almost all CdS meters built in the 1960s: it uses the infamous PX625 mercury battey which can't be found anymore. So you can either try to find a voltage-equivalent and make an adapter for it, or buy the special converter, or have it recalibrated for a modern battery, all of which far exceed the value of the meter itself.

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