James's Light Meter Collection: Weston Euro-Master
Weston Euro-Master exposure meter Englandclick for manual
Maker: Sangamo-Weston (until 1980) and East Kilbride (until 1984)
Model: Euro-Master (Model S461-6)
Circa: 1972 - 1984
Price (new): $50
Cell type: Selenium
Measure type: Reflecting/Averaging (3D incident as accessory)

So when the American side of Weston shut down, its sister-company across the pond, Sangamo-Weston, plugged on for another decade. They had made the Masters IV and V anyway, so it wasn't really unusual for them to make the next revision. Rather than call it the Master VI (and confuse it with the Japanese Master 6), they opted for "Euro-Master" as it would mainly sell in the European market anyway.

Basically it's just the Master V with a restyled dial, and even then it's not a radical departure. They removed the red markings and went with black and bare metal, and the numbers are a little less cluttered and easier to read.

Another interesting little tweak was the return back to printing the meter face numbers sideways, so that they read correctly when you hold the meter in its proper, horizontal position. That had been standard on all the previous Masters except the Master V.

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