James's Light Meter Collection: Walz Corona II
Walz Corona B Japan
Maker: Walz
Model: Coronet B
Circa: 1956
Cell type: Selenium
Measure type: reflecting/averaging

Walz began as the export arm of Okada Optical in Japan, but eventually became simply Walz (at least in the US). They made a few cameras, but I mostly know them for their accessories: namely filters and the odd light meter or two. It was Walz, for instance, which ended up with the Norwood Super Director.

This is a Coronet B—I haven't yet seen an A model. Nothing special about it; it's like many other meters that flowed out of Japan at the time, in particular the Sekonic L-6 and Showa-Koden's Unittic IX (not in my collection). My guess is that this is a tweaked L-6.

There are two Coronet B's. This silver one and a later black-cased one, which had a slightly different calculator dial.

Acquired this the old-fashioned way—when I purchased a movie camera "outfit" from a thrift store..

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