James's Light Meter Collection: Sekonic L-28 Studio S
Sekonic Studio S Brockway Studio S Japan
Maker: Sekonic
Model: L-28 Studio S
Visual Designer: Alpheus Maple
US Design Patent #: D154558
Circa: 1958-1970
Price (new): $30
Cell type: Selenium
Measure type: 3D incident (2D incident and reflecting / averaging available with accessories)

For the full background on this item, please see The Many Faces of the Norwood Director, or check out some other sites on my Resources page.

The poor Norwood Director went through a real roller-coaster ride in its first 10 year period of existance. It was first sold by Photo Reseach for about a year, then was picked up by American Bolex. After a couple years it changed its name to Director Products. That changed again to Brockway Director, then to Brockway Camera, then disappeared entirely.

It was during the Brockway period that they sold the Director to Sekonic in Japan. Sekonic had not yet established a name in the US, so they tried to make the name change a smooth transition. First, Brockway retained its name on the front and gave it the model name "Sekonic Studio S." A year or so later, Sekonic branded it directly and "Brockway" was dropped altogether.

The image above shows both versions (if you mouse over). It's the same meter except for a couple of cosmetic changes, such as the meter face (black on white for Brockway, white on black for Sekonic).

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