James's Light Meter Collection: Mini Photoscop
Rex Mini exposure meter East GermanyClick for instruction manual (close enough)
Maker: Rex
Model: Mini
Circa: 1939
Measure type: Selenium

This was made by a German company called Rex, even though it doesn't say so anywhere on it. Photo Utilities in New York used to import German meters before the second world war. They're the ones who imported my Instoscope and Mini Photoscop. I'm hoping I'll find an advertisment for it, but so far no luck. Rex was located in Bavaria. Some of their post-war meters say they were made in the US Zone of Germany. Later they merged with Bower.

Anssi's Light Meter Museum has a similar version, but his calculator dial is calibrated for ASA/DIN, whereas mine is in Weston and American Scheiner. I believe that mine is pre-war, and his is post-war with an updated calculator dial.

Nice little meter. It has a waist that fits the hand very nicely.

Mine came in a box with the instructions, a warranty card, and Photo Utilities's film speed guide. The manual is coded 5-39, which I assume is when it was made. The meter styling fits neatly into what the Germans were making on the eve of WWII. Click on the PDF icon for copies of the manuals.


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