James's Light Meter Collection: Nikon Model 3 accessory meter
Nikon F clip-on meter Japan
Maker: Nikon
Model: Model 3 accessory meter
Circa: late 50s to early 1960s
Cell type: Selenium
Measure type: Reflecting/Averaging (incident with attachment)

One of the many smart things Nikon did when they designed their F camera was to give it interchangable viewfinder prisms. The early cameras had a plain prism with no integrated metering system. They later created their Photomic finder which had a CdS meter and measured through-the-lens (TTL). But before CdS became available in the early 60s, they had this clip-on version with a selenium cell. The cell was too big to use TTL and you have to take your eyes away from the viewfinder to read the meter. So you don't see these often. The very few times I have seen them they're sold separately. Almost all F bodies you see these days come with Photomics.

Nikon F Model 3 from instruction manual

Paid about $7.50 from eBay. In-transit, so a photo will be posted when it arrives.

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