James's Light Meter Collection: GE DW-68
GE model DW-68 exposure meter USAclick for manual
Maker: General Electric
Model: DW-68
Circa: 1950
Price (new): $24.50
Cell type: Selenium
Measure type: combination Reflecting/Averaging, 2D Incident

click for larger adIt's 3 (bad) meters in 1! Actually it was fine thirteen years earlier when the design was somewhat sort-of new (see the DW-47), but by 1950 it was a Model A in a V8 world. Basically it's just a 2D incident meter with a hood stuck on it to restrict the measuring angle and make it into a reflected-light meter. This was a final freshening of the cosmetics (see the DW-58) before GE dropped it entirely; my guess is that this was sold only to wring every last dollar out of it.

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