James's Light Meter Collection: Filux Platin Record
Platin Record exposure meter East Germany
Maker: Filux
Model: Platin Record
Circa: 1950s
Original Price: 7.20 DM
Cell type: Extinction (Optical)
Measure type: Reflecting

At a glance it looks a lot like a Horvex 2 or any of the German meters of the 50s. But really it's just a delux version of my Expophot. There's a slit on the front edge (at the bottom of the meter as it's oriented in the photo here), a mirror, and the light illuminates a graduated series of f/stops which appear in that black window at the bottom. You match the f/stop at the top of the dial with the lighting conditions, and then read the speed at the bottom of the dial the arrow points to. It's only calibrated for 10° DIN, but you can make allowances if you're so inclined.

The only thing that really sets this meter apart from anything is the hinged plastic cover, which is a nice touch. That cover is likely the reason this meter is still in such nice shape after all these years.

Johan Kooistra was kind enough to email me with the address mentioned in the manual: A. Kalla KG. plastverarbeitung 9318 Tannenberg Kreis Annaberg, Erzgeb

So that makes it East German afterall.

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